The Spirit of a man is a candle of the Lord. Thank you for your poignant teachings that are so accurately addressing the most urgent central theme in the church family today… men are hiding uncovered and ashamed, and they are wounded! Praying for you to continue helping healing through your outreach!  Debbie, Augusta, GA.

Dr. Carnes your message to ladies and men, husbands and wives is powerful. Ladies tune in to hear the wisdom of the servant of God, men you will be empowered by this insightful teaching on the restorative love of God for you. Apostle Bethtina Williams, Fort Walton Beach, FL.

Dr. Carnes is ministering to ladies and men.  It’s real good! Fort Walton Beach, FL.

You’re ministering Apostle! When your pain becomes your passion, it will cause you to be greater than before. From Mary Ester, FL.

Apostle, you are a spiritual midwife!  As you spoke to the young lady that was having problems with the pregnancy, you told her that the baby was turning and something that was wrong was being corrected. Apostle she went to the rest room, her water broke, and she had the baby later that night. Praise God!  Atlanta, GA.

We were privileged to find your uplifting web when we were searching through the search engine. By the guide of the Holy Spirit we came across your ministry which has given me and the members of the church the hope of heaven praise be to God. Bishop Stephens, Maroba Fellowship Church, Kenya